There are other K catalogs for other composers such as Köchel’s catalog for Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, or Kirkpatrick’s catalog for Domenico Scarlatti or the Krebs catalog for Carl Ditters von Dittersdorf or even Köchel’s catalog for Johann Joseph Fux. Usually, the context of the composer prevents catalogs from being mixed up. However, in order to make sure to cite a catalog without ambiguity, always check the RAK standard first. According to RAK, the Köchel-Verzeichnis for example is abbreviated “K.” or “KV.” while the Kirchmeyer catalog is abbreviated with “K” or “KV”.


Kirchmeyer catalog numbers provide a helpful shorthand to refer to Strawinsky’s works. Opus numbers are assigned by composers to their compositions, Opus numbers often are incomplete and only roughly indicate a chronological order. Opus numbers have been used inconsistently throughout history, and in case of Strawinsky the amount of variations and derivations of his works require a different system to organize a catalog. Several attempts have been made before Kirchmeyer came up with his annotated catalog that is now widely accepted.


If you want to use a citation for your own publication, please use the following standard or a similar notice: Last name, First name: “Chapter Title” Catalog Title. Publisher of Website, Month Year article was published. Web. Day Month Year article was accessed.

For example, to use a citation from the Preface of the catalog that you accessed on January 18, 2014, use: Kirchmeyer, Helmut: “Preface” of Annotated Catalog of Works and Work Editions of Igor Strawinsky till 1971, K Catalog, January 2014, 2014-01-18.

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