K Catalog (also Kirchmeyer-Verzeichnis or KV) is a catalog of works and work editions of Igor Strawinsky which was created by Helmut Kirchmeyer. Originally started in the 50’s as an accompanying appendix for other research and works on Strawinsky by Kirchmeyer, the first edition of this catalog of works was published in Germany in 2002. The catalog has been updated ever since. It is abbreviated “K”.

In addition to its directory of works, the K Catalog contains notes related to performances including information about roles and playing times, editions with their sales result, short analyses, information on biographical assignments, and historical performances.

A number of libraries have adapted to the K Catalog numbers, among them the Paul Sacher Archive and Research Center for the Music of the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries in Basel.

All texts of the K Catalog by Helmut Kirchmeyer have been revised and updated by the author. K Catalog is translated into English by a number of translators and revisers such as Julian Black, Lesley Bollinger, Angelika Kirchmeyer, Ursula Schickling, Stewart Spencer, Monika Stark, and others. The original cover art for the German book has been created by the German artist and painter Emil Schult

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